Wednesday, November 18

Dorky outfit post! + Too excited for Sydney!

Dorky outfit post
Guess what? In 24 hour's time, I will be jumping around like a happy excited girl, in.... where else but... SYDNEY!

Yes yes! I'm going to Sydney! Waking up at 3am tonight so we can catch out really early flight and be in Sydney at 8am tomorrow morning! I can't wait!

The reason why I'm flying up to Sydney is because... I'm going to be at the opening of this awesome awesome art exhibition. if you haven't heard about it, it's Leeloo's birthday party! To celebrate, they've invited 38 different unique artists from all over Australia to submit works based on fairy tales! I am so happy to say that I'm part of the 38 artists! I get to exhibit alongside well-known artists such as Catherine Campbell, Sarah Mcneil, Amy Borrell, Caitlin Shearer, Jessica Hyde, Bec Winnel and so so much more!

You can take a look at sneak peeks of my work here! My story was Thumbelina. And I was really inspired by this cute video clip which Amy Borrell recommended. ( Hi and thanks Amy! )

Anyway, the reason I did this dorky little outfit post was because I wanted to share with you guys what I'll be wearing to the show opening. There has been a bit of discussion going around amongst some of the artists about what we're going to wear and stuff. Haha. Quite fun to play dress up I guess. Haha.. So yes, that's what I'll be wearing! : )

Alright, I hope to see you Sydneysiders at the show opening! And of course I can't wait to FINALLY meet the lovely Miss Ebony, and my fellow Melbourne artist blog friends, Amy Borrell and Benzen, and catch up with Sarah Mcneil!

Alrightyo! Yay to the power x 10!
See you when I get back from my wonderful
super speedy three-day Sydney trip!

: )


  1. you look very nice dawn!
    have a woooonderful time in sydney ;)

  2. I hope you get to enjoy what Sydney has to offer!

  3. You look fab in the outfit, wow! Love your work and excited to see all the postings about the show - sadly I can't go to Syndey! hehe...

  4. Have a fantastic time! You are going to have a blast and I am so proud of where you've gotten :D I just LOVE the second photo of you where you are in the air - your outfit is super gorgeous and you look FABULOUS!


  5. It's refreshing to see you in black! so pretty!

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip in sydney!


  6. yay for you dawn! how exciting. have a super time. cant wait to hear all about it when you get back. and you look adorable, love the dress! x

  7. oh yay your going to Once Upon. Wish I could go. love the dress too.

  8. pretty dress! have a nice time in sydney.