Sunday, August 16

My weekend has been nothing short of exciting!

Noah's AeroplaneOur shared lunch at Picnic
From outside Sticky's glass windows
Group photo

On Saturday, I conducted my very first bookbinding workshop here in Melbourne at Sticky Institute! Thanks Elle and the rest at Sticky for such an opportunity! It was super fun! I wasn't expecting a lot of people to turn up really. Maybe four or five. And yet, people kept coming! I was so shocked and I feel so honored. Thank you! You know, I'm really not good at speaking in front of adults, so I'm sorry if I didn't get your name! I was so nervous I think everyone in the workshop could tell. At the end of the workshop, Darren asked if I had blusher on my cheeks. To be honest, no. That was all purely me being shy and blushing throughout the whole workshop! Oops!

Anyway, I was wondering if any of you who my blog were there. If you were there please let me know. Haha. I'll send you the group photo too! 

On Sunday, we caught this fantastic movie and had $4.50 pancakes from Pancake Palour. It was so good. We then headed down to Toorak Road and visited this wonderful quaint cafe, Picnic. We shared a pear, nut and sweet potato foccacia. ( Yes weird sounding but it's yummy! My first try too! ) And topped it off with yummy broccoli soup! It was such a nice good weekend. With nice weather. Apart from the bouts of heavy rain. It rained on Sunday quite heavily Darren said 'It's raining lions and tigers!' Haha. Funny way of saying.

I hope you didn't get caught in the rain and wind!


  1. Hello! I love your photos. I read your blog regularly and was wondering what sort of camera you use? What sort of art training have you done too, or do you just work on it yourself? Is it all you do or do you have to work another job as well? Sorry, I'm curious about people who are creative :)

  2. what a fun weekend and congrats on running the workshop, im sure you were great!! don't know about broccoli soup though, hehe.

  3. thanks for such a nice post!

    I really love the atmosphere of your blog!
    keep posting :)

    from Fi* and NAO

  4. i LOVE that film, i work for a cinema, ive been there for over a year now, and this is by the far the best film ive seen since ive worked there! i was really nervous cos i loved the book (and anything else by neil gaiman) but i enjoyed every second! phew...that was a bit energetic

  5. YOU'RE SO COOL! haha I can imagine you getting all shy and all, cause I would probably be shaking even before anything started.

    So proud of you!!!!!!!

  6. sounds like a great weekend and so happy the workshop went well for you, what a lovely turnout. im sure you were fine too : )

    i saw coraline last week too, isnt it super?! i kinda likes the nasty mum when she went all skinny and kooky. it must be fun coming up with the character looks on a movie like this.

    enjoy your week x