Friday, July 24

A Week Of Special Stuff-Part 3!

A bit of French in South Melbourne
I used to walk a lot. An hour to school and an hour back everyday. I don't particularly enjoy walking on cold days. But when the air is just right, when it's light and breezy with a bit of sun, I don't mind the walking. In fact, I quite enjoy it. 

Walking is good, helps me to lose weight, discover new places, and allows me to think. And best of all, walking's free! Alright, unless I get distracted like today, and ended up buying myself a cup of hot chocolate and a peach danish. Which by the way, was really really yummy. I love danishes. Did I ever tell you that?

Anyway, I walked quite a bit today. Even though it was kind of cold and gloomy. I had a mission and that was to go in search for some vintage florally wallpapers. I was painting and trying out the new bottles of interior paints I bought yesterday from Bunnings. And went on to sit in my studio painting words, letters, etc.

'Vanilla pie', 'Blueberry pie', 'Key lime pie', etc. I don't know where all this pie inspiration came from. But I just went on and all of a sudden, had the most awesome idea hit me from no where. And I knew I had to brave the cold and get my hands on some wallpapers to try my idea out.

You see, that's me. When I have an idea, I kind of like to jump in straight on it and start working. And usually you'd find me rushing off to get supplies immediately. It's weird really, but that's me.

Okay anyway, to cut the story short, no, I did not manage to find any wallpaper at all. Which was quite sad cause I walked a lot. But instead, I stumbled upon this wonderful little French shop. I didn't bring my camera along today so the picture above was shot on my iphone. Anyway, the shop's opposite South Melbourne Market. And it sells the loveliest french vintage items. Baskets, trays, key holders, pots, pans, tea towels, etc. But the price was way out of my budget. Besides I didn't need any of those things. I only needed my wallpaper. Haha. So yes, I left without buying anything. But well, if you're into french vintage stuff, and you're willing to fork out about hundred dollars and above, do visit this quaint little shop! : )

Alrighty mighty o! You all have a good weekend!

Darren's bringing me out on a fancy dinner date tonight, along with a visit to some nice Jazz bar. I'm excited and can't wait till he comes home from work!

PS: Oh by the way, if you do know of places in Melbourne to buy wallpapers like these, do let me know! I can't afford expensive ones so if know of affordable ones, please please let me know! Thank you! : )

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  1. one more place to visit my next trip to melbourne! hehe.