Tuesday, July 21

A Week Of Special Stuff-Part 2!

Morning Tea
This morning, I woke up a bit later than usual, because I was a bit sick, and made myself a nice cup of warm peach and apricot tea.

Following yesterday's special post,  I must say, tea holds a rather special place in my heart. It's funny because I'm not your typical everyday tea drinker. I don't drink tea on a regular basis. Instead, tea to me is sort of like a take a step back and relax, sort of drink. 

To me, a cup of warm hot tea helps me to relax and think better. I indulge in cups of tea when I'm stressed or when I'm tired but need to keep painting. I drink tea when I can't think of anything lovely to paint or make. To me, Warm Tea makes everything alright.
My new etching
It cheers me up, perks me up, puts a smile on my face. You see, that's why I love tea. I've made paintings of my favourite tea box, and  even made my very first etching print out of a drawing of my cup of tea! 
First print
If you asked what sort of tea I like, I'll tell you I like Orange Pekkoe, Peach and Apricot, Vanilla and Peppermint tea. How about you?
Take a break and have a cup of tea!
Does my post make you want to drink some tea as well? Haha. Alright, you should go make yourself a nice warm cup of tea. 

Take a little mid-afternoon break and have a sip!



  1. Oh, I have to agree with your idea of tea. I'm more of a coffee drinker, though it wrecks my health, I only drink tea when I'm super stressed. Funny, but I grew up drinking tea because I lived in the Middle East, somehow tea reminds me of great childhood memories, the only time I get to sit with the adults and listen to their stories was when we had tea drinking sessions. My favourite is peppermint tea, it's just so sooothing.

  2. oh tea is wonderful.

    I am sick in bed today, and the only thing that made me feel better was a huge warm cup of tea (or two or three!)

  3. p.s. do you sell that "warm tea" print?

  4. owwww I love that tea painting!!!!!!!! You are so talented! Hope you are feeling a bit better now love!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  5. I love this post (& heartily agree with 'warm tea makes everything alright')!
    Really want to try peach & apricot tea now - looks delicious!

  6. I have the cookie jar in the same print. haha. I miss these sort of mugs... the good old days. hehe.