Friday, June 19

Circa 1989

Circa 1989

This week's Words and Pictures organized by Pip is... Rose!
I was flipping through my family's old photo albums and I found this photo of me! I think my cute rose pink gingham strawberry bikini top is just too cute for words!

I found other funny kiddy photos of myself as well. I'll post some along the way. It's always nice to look at photos when we're all much younger. Right right? Would you like to share your pictures as well? I'm thinking we could post a photo every Friday. What do you think? If you're up for this week, do leave your name below! So others will be able to see your cute little self as well!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Too Cute For Words - Friday ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Have fun!


  1. ahhh i did the first one wrong!!! rubbish!! ut at least i did the second one right!!

  2. oooo your pic is most definitely too cute for words : )

    i like this idea for fridays, im sure it would cause a giggle or two around the place as well and i would join in only i have no pics of me : (

  3. looking at old photos are always fun (: i know i want to be the first person to offer to keep my grandparent's!!

  4. oh I'd love to play! I missed out this week, but see you next friday!