Monday, April 20

Land and sea

18 april
18 april
I'm back from my little trip. I promise to show you more pictures soon!

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  1. Hello dawn! remember me? it's rachel from couchsleepingbeauty. anyhow, i'd like some advice from you! i've been following your blog ever since i found it and i can see that this diary is filled with inspirations from the things around you; i remember clearly your paintings on your daily necessities. Now you're doing drawings on your food! - my favorite. So, what i like to ask is how do you go about preparing an artwork, or a visual diary, or a finished drawings? i'm having drawing classes now and i'm having some problems. sometimes i can stare at a blank paper for a long, long time. I hope your advice can help!
    Hear from you soon, in the mean time, here's to a safe and awesome trip (: