Thursday, April 9

Good news to share!

George Street Cafe, 65 George St, East Melbourne

-photo from the internet

If all goes well, I will probably be selling some tiny art pieces at this quaint little cafe. I'm dropping by Tuesday noon to speak to the person in charge. I'm super excited!

Instead of just hanging some landscape works, I'm thinking of painting up a few of their specials, like the highly recommended Bircher muesli with fresh fruit salad, yummy bacon and egg breakfasts, etc. In this way, it'll be more personal, not only for me but also for the cafe owner and it's customers too. I'll be painting in this little style of mine.

B for my banana and spice muffin
Orange Pekkoe Tea

What do you think?
*Fingers crossed!

Oh and I've added two more little handmade books in my shop. Do pop by and have a look!

Have a lovely easter weekend!


  1. beautifullllll!!!

  2. That sounds great and I wish you all the best. Guess what? I've actually had coffee at that cafe a few times when I've visited Melbourne :) Hopefully next time I go down to Melbourne and visit that cafe, I will see your art up on the walls :D

  3. i love your drawings
    it makes me happy :)