Monday, April 15


Hello everyone! Thank you so super much for your support and patience. As promised, here's the link to my brand new blog! Lots of new things over on that side. To celebrate, I'm also doing a giveaway. So hop on over and check it out. Handmadelove still stays the same. Just a different look and URL : ) See you over on the other side! Thank you! xo

Sunday, April 14

New Blog Coming Soon!

So, like I mentioned earlier in my previous post how much I love blogging and how it's become such a part of me.... Guess what, 2 days after I wrote that post, Darren and I started working on a new blog right away. I decided it would be best to start something new, something fresh. So ta-da! We've made a whole new blog! Well, I did the designing and he did all the hard work - Coding, Html-ing, fixing buggies and all the other stuff which makes me go ????!?

So in short, there will be a new blog, coming soon! So do check back maybe in a few days and I'll post up the new link here. Thank you so so much for all the emails, comments, encouraging me to keep blogging. The truth is, I can't stop, I'm addicted! Haha. See you here again super soon! xo

Monday, April 1

Hang in there!

Kapadokya, Turkey Apologies but there seems to be something crazy with Flickr. For years, I've been using Flickr as a platform for uploading images onto my blog. But somehow due to a stupid bug, all my image links have now all gone kapoot and I'm left with missing images. On almost all 840 of my posts. Dating 2009 onwards. I know this sounds really silly but it makes me so sad and I feel like I've just kind of lost a whole chunk of me. You know, the feeling you get when your hard disk crashes? Yes, that feeling...

All the time, effort, thoughts put into writing and uploading each post... I've tried ways to re-upload all my photos. I've contacted Flickr but no one's helped me out. And I've tried tweaking things around. Darren's tried reading up on the situation as well, but there seems to not be a way we can solve the issue.

So, I have decided to take a bit of a blog break. Take time off to re-think a plan... Perhaps I'll start a fresh new blog. Perhaps I'll just keep writing on this very same space.. I don't know. I do still want to keep blogging though. I've been blogging and writing since 2000. 13 years. And I am not ready to give up just yet. So yes, please hang in there while I sort this out. Thanks for your patience. I know I say this a lot, but I truly, dearly appreciate all the support and kindness my readers have shown me all these years. Blogging, it's just such a big part of me. Boo to all the silly bugs, technological trip ups. I know Handmadelove's much stronger than this! Oh well.. I'll be back!

Wednesday, March 27

What makes me happy

Packing for a day at the beachA day at the beachFreelance work in progressFreelance work in progressFreelance work in progressArty Birthday PartyCooking more pasta at homeMy Lovely Preps!Feather Garland!Chiko Roll In progressChiko Roll Drawing in progressBy my preps!Year 5s in action!Year 5s in action!Drawing in ProgressMartine's lovely Seddon homeGoing dot crazy while at TreneryOn my way to teach a classMY FIRST EVER Pavlova!Jason Mraz!Jason Mraz!Indulgence at Jason Mraz's gigTeaching a Private watercolour classDate Night
As you can tell, I've been keeping myself very busy. Last few weeks of Term 1. I've been working in my happy little school (Seriously dream job. It makes me super smiley everyday!), I ran an arty birthday party for a cute little 5 year olds. And I did a school workshop at a cool school out in Knox. Super far away, but oh so fun. I've been working on several freelance and personal drawing projects. I've started painting houses too. I also ran a private watercolour workshop and will continue to run a few more in the coming weeks.

Apart from work, I've managed to somehow squeeze in lots of other non-work bits. Such as cooking, eating out, shopping, going for my first ever gig (ah yes! At 26, my first ever gig... to watch Jason Mraz live, no less!)...I tried my first ever serve of Pavlova. I am now officially Australian-ised I think. Can't believe it took me 5 years of living in Sunny OZ to finally try it. And I loved every bit of it! Darren and I went to the beach. And to top things off, I received a cute and very generous surprise feather garland from my talented friend Madeleine Sargent. It is Oh So beautiful. I do believe, lovely things like these keep me going!

So yes, lots of things going on. People often ask me how I do it. Well honestly, I don't know. I do get sick and physically worn out at times. (Just like today, I'm home with a sore throat!) But at the end of the day, I'm happy doing what I do and that's what's most important right? : ) I hope no matter where you are, what sort of jobs you've got, you're happy and filled up to the brim with love by the people around you. xoxo

Friday, March 22

I Love Polka Dots!!!

New Polka dot stashCan't you tell from this picture? Haha... Tights and pullover from Country Road. Have you seen their newest collection? Something tells me this fringed smock was meant for me. Maybe the designers at Country Road somehow knew my favourite smock from Gap is finally wearing out after 5 years of wear! Spotty tea towel from my buddy Martine. She also makes lovely sweet pillowcases and 'Juicy Ball' necklaces. Check out her instagram and webstore here.

Ok, Autumn/ Winter cold, with all my polka dotty goodies, I am officially ready for you!

Thursday, March 21

Chiko Rolls

Chiko RollOh dear me! I've been so pooped out with my day job, teaching and tying up Term 1... I've totally neglected my little blog. Oopsy Daisy! Well, here's a chiko roll drawing I did 2 days ago. It's for an excellent magazine and I can't wait till it gets published. Have you guys ever eaten a Chiko roll? I have NO clue as to what it is, or how it tastes like. Apparently it's popular back in the 70s and it's spring-rolly and full of fat but very yummy? Haha. Sounds intriguing!

Wednesday, March 13

Work in Progress

Pretzel! A little something I worked on today. I love pretzels and they remind me a lot of my friend, Kenneth. I remember back in the days when we were both doing our design diplomas, he introduced me to Aunt Annies. He said "Try it with Cream cheese!" Well, long story short, I did and three words - BEST THING EVER!

Friday, March 8

The Hungry Australian

Chocolate Tart
Chocolate Tart artwork done back in 2010! When my food obsession started...

Thanks to The Hungry Australian for featuring my work on your yummy site! I had lots of fun answering all the questions. Made me think! Haha. Do feel free to pop over and have a look if you've got a spare moment. Thank you! xo

Monday, March 4

Plate it up!

Plate it up!Plate it up!Plate it up!Plate it up!Plate it up!Plate it up! Thank you boys and girls, parents and grandparents for coming to my workshop at ArtPlay! I had so much fun spending my weekend with all of you. More than 50 of you came through and you all inspired me with all your delicious ideas. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks once again ArtPlay for having me, and of course, thank you Melbourne Food and Wine Festival for including us in your lineup of awesome events! xo

Friday, March 1

From my preppies

From my little preppies So according to my cutie pie prep kids, I'm apparently always in nice sparkly polka dotty dresses.
4 words: I LOVE MY JOB! xoxoxoxo!